Svami X Paul Mike Grapefruit Dark Chocolate (Offer Pack)

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Svami and Paul And Mike have come together to create a never heard before Grapefruit chocolate.

Grapefruit, with its signature citrusy and bittersweet notes creates a unique tasting experience when paired with mild dark chocolate.

- Fine flavour cocoa beans, no cocoa powder/solids
- Muscovado Sugar, not the refined white kind
- Rich, pure cocoa butter, no hydrogenated vegetable oil. Non-GMO Sunflower lecithin, no soya lecithin
- No added vanilla or chocolate flavours, nothing artificial. Only real fruits, nuts, spices & pure floral distillates

How Paul And Mike ship chocolates:
- Estimated Shipping Time: 2-3 Days
- Our chocolates via express shipment in thermally insulated packaging with ice gels to ensure they reach in good condition.
- PAN India shipments from Monday - Wednesday.
- For Kerala and Bangalore, we ship on Thursday as well.