Svami Sampler Pack | Mixers & Zero Proof

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Try all our products, in one convenient case.

This pack of our motley crew of beverages include our Mixers that are the perfect bedfellows for your favourite spirits and our Zero Proof range that you might want to consume when you don't want to drink alcohol. 

This a pack of 12 that includes our entire range for you to sample:

Zero Proof
2 - Non-Alcoholic Rum & Cola
1 - Non-Alcoholic Gin & Tonic
1 - Non-Alcoholic Pink Gin & Tonic

2 -
 Svami Original Tonic Water
1 - Svami 3 Cal Tonic Water
1 - Svami Light Tonic Water
1 - Svami Cucumber Tonic Water
1 - Svami Grapefruit Tonic Water
1 - Svami Ginger Ale
1 - Svami Soda Water

Quantity: 200ml

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