This video series covers 3 topics

Making the Perfect Gin & Tonic
Infusing your Gin to take it to the next level
Easiest garnish for your drink


Thank you so much for buying our Gin Appreciation Kit. Let's start the conversation. 

Gin & Tonic has an almost forgotten history connected to India. 

It is one of the simplest combination, but the layers of nuance that can be explored within the world of gin are endless. The drink just works, even chemically speaking. India is certainly seeing a Gin boom which is sure to stay and we'd love to take you along this journey as we spearhead the tonic market.

Making the perfect Gin & Tonic, every time.  


Okay, now with the basics out of the way we want to straight away jump into another topic that we absolutely love. Taking the gin bottle you have on the next level. Gin is certainly one of the alcohols that lends itself quite well to infusions and you'd be surprised to know how easily you can do this yourself at home. 


Infusing your Gin to take it to the next level


Moving on, the right garnish can truly elevate your drink. The process of picking the right fruit, shaping your garnish & finishing your drink with the essential oils is one worth the effort, but not always convenient. We thought to ourselves, there has to be a better and faster way of doing this and from that thought came our Edible Garnish Perfumes


Finishing your drink with the coolest party trick


With this, we come to an end for our video series for now. We'd love to hear from you about the series and all the drinks you make with Svami. Please tag us @svamidrinks or send us a DM if you want to keep the conversation going :)