30-31 January | Svami Breakfast Pop-Up w/ Navu Project | Bangalore

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**This Breakfast Box is available for delivery in Bengaluru and pick up has to be arranged**


Svami Breakfast Pop-Up w/ Navu Project 

For all those who pledged to never skip breakfast again.

As a part of Curiously Sober Jan, we're bringing a special breakfast menu with Little Food Daily. With every order we'll send you a breakfast for 2, delivered right at your doorstep on the date of your choice. 

Each breakfast box will include:
A Breakfast Meal for 2 on a date of your choosing from either 30th or 31st January
Svami Non-Alcoholic Zero Proof Mixed Case (pack of 12)
 - 4 bottles of Non-Alcoholic Rum & Cola
 - 4 bottles of Non-Alcoholic Gin & Tonic
 - 4 bottles of Non-Alcoholic Pink Gin & Tonic

Vegetarian Breakfast Box:

Pickled Vegetables
Chili Garlic Paste
Scallion Pancake
Kombu Butter Omelettes
Crispy Tofu Salad
Eggplant Donburi
Kangkong, fresh Bamboo Shoot
Pickled Cucumber
Vietnamese Coffee Panna Cotta

Non-Vegetarian Breakfast Box:

Pickled Vegetables
Chili Garlic Paste
Scallion Pancake
Kombu Butter Omelettes
Crab and Scallion Salad
Coca Cola Chicken
Jasmine Rice
Vietnamese Coffee Panna Cotta


About Navu Project:

Pallavi Mithika Menon is the co-founder of The Navu project, which she started with fellow chef Kanishka Sharma; the two host The Supper Club and curate private dining experiences.

Menon and Sharma’s interpretation of traditional and global recipes finds takers among millennials, who are looking for authentic food experiences. Urban millennials are exploring native and indigenous foods, eating local produce, and diving into curated food experiences.


About Curiously Sober Jan:

As cliché as new year resolutions can be, one thing we all can agree on is that 2021 should make up for the last year. With Curiously Sober Jan, we’re giving you a month full of events to stick to your new year resolutions and start something new. From learning new hobbies to trying things you would have never thought about, it’s going to be a fun month and a great start to the new year.

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