Svami #WorldGinDay 2020 celebration

This #WorldGinDay we are celebrating all things Gin with a virtual quiz to find the Gin Drinker of the Year!
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EDIT: The contest is not closed

Winner: Rohan Matmary
2nd Place: Archana Tharakan
3rd Place: Shivendra Goel


Svami is looking for the Gin Drinker Of The Year!

The quiz will challenge you on all aspects of gin, so just knowing your London Dry gins from Old Toms isn't going to cut it. The winner walks away with a year's supply of Svami and 6 bottles of gin, and the bragging rights of being Gin Drinker Of The Year of course. 

Leading up to the quiz, get drinks with distillers while they share insider information on their gins, and get you prepped. Know of any other quiz that starts with pre-drinking?

When and where 

On a zoom call 13th June 2020 | 7 PM to 8:15 PM



  • Gin Drinker Of The Year Winner: A year's supply of Svami (365 bottles) and 3 bottles of gin
  • First runner-up: 1 case of Svami and 1 bottle of gin
  • Second runner-up: 1 case of Svami and 1 bottle of gin


Things you need to know

  • We start the zoom call with a session called Drinks With Distillers. This is a 15-20 minute session where the distillers will share their gin knowledge and we toast together, getting ready for the questions. 
  • The quiz is automated and questions are shown to all participants at the same time and all participants have exactly the same amount of time to answer the questions
  • You need to be above the legal drinking age to take part in the quiz
  • Questions will cover a broad range of gin knowledge questions, which can be about the history of gin, style, cocktails etc.


Next Steps

  • You will get a confirmation mail instantly post-registration 
  • Link to the Zoom call will be shared via email on 12th June 
  • Brush up on your gin knowledge asap! 


Terms & Conditions

  • Winners will be sent Svami cases to their address 
  • Winners will have to collect the gin bottles from a list of wine shops. In case the winner is from a city where the participating gin brand is not available, we will not be able to ship it to them
  • The decision of the organizers will be final and non-negotiable