Fundamentally delicious drinks

At Svami, we’re strictly pro-drinking. Drinking with daily chores, drinking solo, drinking while dancing, and drinking with company of course. To facilitate copious amounts of (progressive) drinking, Svami is spearheading the category of mixers and non-alcoholic drinks for adults. 

Ours is a founder-led company with our own production unit doubling down on the promise of crafting great tasting drinks, right from scratch. These come tastefully packaged in the iconic Svami bottle, in flavours and profiles that are as progressive as the times. 

Svami regulars and supporters have deemed it “the new era of drinking”. Frankly we’re just here see to you tote a beverage from our expanding compendium. A repertoire that spans low cal and low sugar tonic waters, ginger ale, low cal cola, salted lemonade and a host of limited edition drops inspired by Maradonna to Henessey to an obscure fruit with a brief season. 

There are plenty of drinks that are plenty delicious. That’s the Svami bottomline.