CRED Svami Experience Kit - Assorted Svami Ginger Ale & Svami Original Tonic Water

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Svami Ginger Ale
Flavoured with the virtuous Indian ginger, our ginger ale is potent but not overwhelming. A healthy measure of lemon rounds off the flavour of the Indian root, which rules supreme. Whether drunk in isolation or as a mixer, this beverage can cure all kinds of blues. 

Moderation is not advised!

Svami Original Tonic Water
Presenting the Svami Original Tonic Water. High in quinine content and lime, this is a bolder iteration of our light tonic water. It’s the perfect bedfellow to juniper-forward gins, vodka, tequila and mezcal!

This box has been curated specially for CRED and is available for sale through the CRED app only.

In the box:
6 x Svami Original Tonic Water
6 x Svami Ginger Ale
1 x Svami BYOB box
1 x Svami Opener
1 x Svami Mask
1 x Svami Tote Bag
1 x Svami Drinking Guide

Quantity: 200ml

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