Svami Festive BYOB Box


Back in November 2020, we had run a small test to give you that little extra that made your experience of carrying Svami products easier to your next BYOB party! 

In September 2021, we're made that experience even better with our brand new plastic Svami Festive BYOB Box, ready to ship nationwide with any order Svami products.


Svami Festive BYOB Box


Our new BYOB Box is made of FSC certified kraft paper, from sustainable sources, plus the box is plastic-free and uses zero plastic tape or plastic-based glue. So, please upcycle!

Just like before, the BYOB Box can carry 12 Svami products, a bottle of alcohol (not included), with some extra space to fit in special Svami goodies.


Svami Whisky Appreciation Kit in Festive BYOB Box


To get your order in the Festive BYOB Box, just pick that shipping option on the product page.