Svami Festive BYOB Box Add-on (Case of 12)

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This is an add-on box that will only be shipped with your order for Svami products - Case of 12. The box itself doesn't have any products.

Last year we made our BYOB box to ease the experience of carrying Svami products to you next party. This year, we're making it pop!

Presenting our Festive BYOB Box, ready to ship nationwide with any order of Svami products.

This year we are also offering the option for bulk purchases so you can gift it to all your loved ones. Orders for over 10 cases will also get customisation options for the choice of beverages in the box along with additional products such as our Edible Garnish Perfumes & Svami merchandise. 

Please email on with your requirements to get a quote with special pricing. 

Just like before, the Festive BYOB Box can carry 
- 12 Svami products
- A bottle of alcohol (not included),
- Extra space to to fit in special Svami goodies, we recommend you add our Svami Edible Garnish Perfume or an Opener

Our Festive BYOB Box is made FSC certified kraft paper, from sustainable sources, plus the box is plastic-free and uses zero plastic tape or plastic-based glue. So, please upcycle!

To get your order in the Festive BYOB Box, just add it to your cart along with your product of choice.