This video series covers 4 topics

Making the Perfect Whisky Highball
Reading a Whisky Label
How to make an Infinity bottle?
Easiest garnish for your drink


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A highball, when done well, is nothing short of magic. The simplicity of the drink makes it one that we keep coming back to. In this first video, our co-founder Aneesh Bhasin takes you through the contents of your Whisky Appreciation kit and how to make the most of it by putting together the perfect Whisky Highball. 


Making the Perfect Whisky Highball


With the basics of making a whisky highball out of the way, let's dive more into what your whisky tells you on the label. We're not saying that you should judge a book by its cover, but you should certainly know each part of the terminology that whisky makers put on their label.


Reading a Whisky Label


Next up is something a little more fun. What if we told you there is a bottle of whisky, that never gets over and it is one that nobody else has.

Presenting, the Infinity Bottle. 


Moving on, the right garnish can truly elevate your drink. The process of picking the right fruit, shaping your garnish & finishing your drink with the essential oils is one worth the effort, but not always convenient. We thought to ourselves, there has to be a better and faster way of doing this and from that thought came our Edible Garnish Perfumes


Finishing your drink with the coolest party trick

With this, we come to an end for our video series for now. We'd love to hear from you about the series and all the drinks you make with Svami. Please tag us @svamidrinks or send us a DM if you want to keep the conversation going :)